A regular guy with an old fashioned idea…

As an average guy who grew up in West Michigan and spent sixteen years building custom homes, I have always wanted to help people see the adventure and beauty that I see when I think of Michigan. I have a vision to not only make your vacation the best it can be but also to build lasting relationships with the people I meet. I have decided to do all I can to make vacations memorable and fun, and to help create opportunities for families to unplug and reconnect — with nature and with one another.

As an average guy, husband and father of four, I know what it takes to try to pack up the family and get everyone into the wild. It can be wild! And It’s my personal dream to take as much of that stress away so that everyone can simply enjoy God’s creation.

West Michigan RV Rentals is my humble attempt to share my love for Michigan with others and to get back to the old-fashioned Midwest values I grew up with. We treat our customers like we treat our friends and family: with respect and kindness and generosity. And even if you don’t rent with us we still celebrate each time someone finds rest and adventure in the great outdoors!